21st Annual International Competition of Fine-Art Creativity of Children and Youth

Green World 2016

Parks and gardens - the best places to relax


Competition details:

The Slovak Environment Agency organizes the 21st Annual International Competition of Fine-Art Creativity of Children and Youth, GREEN WORLD 2016, the awarding authority of which is the SR Ministry of Environment. The patronage over the competition has been taken by the European Commission Representation in Slovakia, Slovak Commission for UNESCO and European Environment Agency (EEA).



In the context of visibility, informing and a better understanding of the concept of green economy (not only) in the geographic space of Europe, to instil in children, pupils and students a relationship to nature and the environment by creating habits and skills in artistic expression. The competing works should be of creative and motivating character, presenting the children's attitude to life and nature as a part. 

Topic:  Parks and gardens - the best places to relax 


A growing percentage of the human population ceases to go to nature outside his/her residence. Therefore, let´s try to focus on the environment in our neighbourhood. In today´s cyber time, when we are still more drawn into the virtual world, we are interested in your view of the surrounding countryside.


The common denominator, i.e. the theme of this year, are parks and gardens in all known and less known forms. They not only make our immediate environment nicer, but also bring benefits.


Greenery, via its aesthetic elements, has a positive effect on the human psyche, enriches his/her environment. Especially tall trees and large lawn areas are vital for human environment hygiene.


A park or orchard, if formed with plenty of woody plants (trees, shrubs), is an artificially created open space that is used for walking, short-term recovery (relax), but it has also a hygienic, aesthetic, cultural and educational function. Usually, it is the area with grass and sidewalks, trees, sometimes with flower beds, water areas or architectural elements. The main types of parks are larger gardens in a landscape style and city parks. The boundary between the park and garden is not strictly determined.


The garden is generally understood as a utilitarian, decorative or combined mixture of plants that are deliberately spread in our neighbourhood. In case of rural forms of gardens, we can see the farming of various domestic animals, which also form their part.


Your competing works can be based on ordinary gardens, where vegetables are grown, as well as a rest area, park at the house created by ornamental trees, herbs and supplements, as well as a balcony in an apartment building, consisting of several plant elements that create the impression of the garden. Finally, these may be various flower beds around a block of flats, apartment buildings in the cities, or community gardens.


Through drawings, paintings, graphics, photographs, animated film and comics, try to catch beautiful parks and gardens which adorn the house or block of flats surroundings, and bring not only benefits, but also a treat for eyes and soul.


Organization and course:

Awarding authority:  Ministry of Environment of Slovak Republic
Organizer:   Slovak Environment Agency
Closing date for applications: ..........................March 31, 2016
Date of exhibition: ............................ May 16 – 30. 2016
Place of exhibition: ............................. Radnica/Town Hall/, Banská Bystrica


Prizes   GREEN WORLD 2016:

Prizes for the competition were donated by: awarding authority, organizer, co-organizer and competition partners. Always the best works in the individual competition categories are given a prize, and at the same time also the main prize of competition is awarded.


Competition categories:

1. Drawing, painting, graphics, combined techniques

  1. Kindergartens
  2. Elementary schools (leisure centres, other school institutions)
     - up to the age of 10

 - from 11 to 15 years

 - from 15 years

C)   Elementary schools of arts

  Ist cycle-  up to the age of 10

 - from 11 to 15 years

               IInd cycle- from 15 years

   D) Special schools
             - up to the age of 10

 - from 11 to 15 years

 - over 15 years


  E) Secondary schools


2. Children´s animated film

A) Elementary schools (leisure centres, other school institutions)
B) Elementary schools of arts
C) Secondary schools

3. Black and white and colour photography

A) Elementary schools (leisure centres, other school institutions)
B) Elementary schools of arts
C) Secondary schools

4.  Comics

A) Elementary schools (leisure centres, other school institutions)
B) Elementary schools of arts
C) Secondary schools


Technical conditions:

In the category of drawing, painting, graphics, combined techniques and comics - do not roll or bend works. Please do not send spatial, three-dimensional, glazed, framed works or works on CD / DVD. A work size – max. A0. 

In the category of animated film the works should be sent on Betacam, mini DV, DVcam, DVD. The works not created by the animation technique will be excluded from the competition by the jury (e.g. PowerPoint presentations).

In the category of black and white and colour photography the author classic photos and digital photos are eligible for the competition in a maximum of 5 pcs. per pupil, student, a minimum size 15 x 20 cm, maximum size 25 x 38 cm. Do not send those photos to the competition that have been awarded in other competitions, photos with controversial authorship and photos whose content is contrary to the fundamental principle of morality and ethics rules. Do not send photos on CD / DVD media and via e-mail. 

Conditions for including the competing works in the competition:

The registration into the international competition takes place for the first time via the on-line registration - for more information, visit http://zelenysvet2016.sazp.sk/Each competing work must be clearly marked with a code which will be automatically generated when registering into to the competition. Competing works must meet the specifications listed above (size, quality, medium) and must be sent by the March 31, 2016 to the competition organizer´s address. 

Competing works are to be sent marked as „GREEN WORLD/ZELENÝ SVET/ 2016“ to the address:

Slovenská agentúra životného prostredia /Slovak Environment Agency
Tajovského 28
975 90 Banská Bystrica
Slovak Republic

telephone: +421 48 4374 195
e-mail: zelenysvet2016.sazp.sk

By sending the works to the competition the author agrees with their further use for educational, promotional, exhibition and educational activities carried out by the Slovak Environment Agency. The works received after the deadline as well as the works not properly marked with the code, will not be included in the competition. The competing works will not be returned to the author.

Selected works of the Green World competition will be presented through exhibitions to the participants of the international conference “Transition to a Green Economy”. The conference will take place from 6th to 7th September 2016 in the Bratislava. The sponsor of the conference is the SR Ministry of Environment, the organizing partner is the Slovak Environment Agency.