Mgr. Alena Glončáková
(09.01.1983 – Nová Baňa)

She was born on 09.01.1983 in Nová Baňa. She studied at the Faculty of Humanities at the University of Matej Bel, department of Fine-Art Creation, in the field of general subjects teaching , a single-subject – Fine Art , in Banská Bystrica under the leadership of Professor Miroslav Brooš, akad.mal.

In her fine-art activity she focuses on the area of object creation, installations, environment, land art, conceptual art, video-art and also drawing, painting and graphics.

Currently she works as a teacher at the Secondary Private School of Arts in Zvolen in the field of animation and promotional graphics. Michaela Tettingerová
(13. 5. 1968  -  Banská Bystrica)

She was born in Banská Bystrica  She reached the 2nd level university education at the Academy of Arts – the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in the field of film art and multimedia in the study program Film documentaries. A brief account of the experience in the field:

  • 1986 – 1990 –  Slovenská filmová tvorba Bratislava, animated film : assistant director
  • 1990 – 1991 –  Cooperation in the film „Sindibád námorník“ for München film
  • 1992 – 1996 –  International Cartoon Company s.r.o, Bratislava : manager
  • 1997 – 1999 –  STV Bratislava : chief of production in the unit for children and youth
  • 2001 – 2003 –  Self-employed- design and manufacture of artistic stained glass
  • 2004 –2008 – Self-employed - production of TV spots, promotional films, exhibitions - designs and realization
  • 2008 – 2013 – Self-employed - Production of TV program for the STV -Green revue, production of documents, promotional films and TV spots
  • 2013 – 2015 –  Secondary Private School of Arts in Zvolen: a secondary school teacher

Akad.mal. Marián Ruman
(12.6.1960 – Nová Baňa)

He was born on 12.6.1960 in Nová Baňa. In the years 1975-1979 he studied at the School of Applied Arts in Kremnica, field of artistic metal casting. He continued his studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava, field of cabinet painting, which he ended in 1985.

He worked as a teacher at the School of Applied Arts in Kremnica, he worked as a freelancer and did business with art and art objects. Since 1998 he has been teaching at the Secondary Technical School of S. Mikovíni in Banská Štiavnica.

His part-time activity includes the artistic creation in the field of drawings, paintings and works in architecture. He has had solo exhibitions several times. His works are in private collections at home and abroad. Recently, he has devoted himself to holistic medicine, thus combining art with scientific knowledge.