ZELENÝ SVET (Green world) Parks and gardens - my best place to relax

Ministry of Environment of the Slovak Republic announces the 21st international competition of art creativity of children and youth called ZELENÝ SVET (Green world). Event organization is covered by Slovak Environment Agency and fostered by European Commission Representation in Slovakia, Slovak Commission for UNESCO and the European Environment Agency. The competition aims to inculcate children with love for nature and the environment by creating habits and skills in artistic expression. In this year's competition, works in the form of paintings, drawings, prints, color and black and white films, cartoons or comics should reflect their view of nature in their immediate vicinity following the prescribed topics Parks and gardens - My best place to relax. Sign up for the competition can be done on the official website zelenysvet2016.sazp.sk and deadline is March 31, 2016. The winners will be selected by an expert jury. Ceremonial evaluation of the competition is scheduled for May 16, 2016 in the premises of the Town Hall of Banska Bystrica as a part of the International Film Festival Ekotopfilm - Envirofilm 2016. On this day, the organizers will award winners of the accompanying competition Múdra príroda (Wise nature) as well, which will be officially announced on February 10, 2016. Its deadline is scheduled for April 20 and the link to its official site can be found at zelenýsvet.sazp.sk.